Please wear a mask when coming to our facilities. We continue to observe appropriate COVID-19 measures.  The safety of our patients and staff is our top priority.

About medneo

medneo UK is part of the leading German imaging company medneo GmbH. medneo GmbH was founded by three German entrepreneurs and now operates over 25 imaging centres across Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

medneo GmbH’s innovative operational model delivers innovations in imaging into the German and Swiss markets by providing high-quality, very efficient managed service imaging centres in partnership with radiologists and healthcare organisations.

medneo UK combines the success of medneo GmbH with the UK team’s experience of the UK health economy. medneo UK prides itself upon delivering high quality MRI for patients from the medneo London Centre and from its fleet of mobile, cardiac-optimised, MRI scanners.

Marcol – medneo’s Private Equity Partner

Marcol is a UK-based international investment house with a 44-year track record in equity investment and asset management, helping businesses grow and succeed internationally.