Providing highest quality images. The MRI service can deliver a full range of MRI procedures including cardiac, prostate and vascular studies with a pump injector for contrast studies and additional equipment required for cardiac studies.

wide bore scanners

Wide Bore

The scanning experience will be enhanced with our patient friendly wide-bore (70cm) short-bore (163cm) capability. This gives our patients more space within the scanner and reduces the potential of claustrophobia.

reduced scan time

Reduced scan times

3T technology also allows for reduced scan times which makes the examinations shorter and more comfortable for those patients whilst still providing excellent image quality.

Accessibility sign

Step free access

When arriving patients will notice that our centre is at street level, enabling step-free access, the imaging centre is all on one level with no steps. For those patients attending for consultations there is a lift to access the consultation suites.

private changing rooms


The flow of the centre ensures the utmost privacy for all patients, after accessing the changing rooms patents enter directly into the examination area. There is unlikely to be another person in the waiting area whilst patients are waiting for their examination.


Private Health Insurance Accepted

medneo is recognised by the private health insurers.

Self referral enquiry

If you would like to self refer for an MRI scan with medneo please use this form to make an initial enquiry. Alternatively you can call us on 0300 3030 906.

We are pleased to assist patients who do not have a medical referral.  If you feel you need an MRI scan and do not have a referral, we will assist you to obtain one.

Why do we do this?

Whilst an MRI scan does not expose a patient to ionising radiation (like an x-ray does) it is still a medical investigation and however small, there are some risks that need to be professionally managed.  In a very small proportion of MRI investigations concerns are identified that are completely unrelated to the symptoms the scan is intended to investigate; these need to be managed by a doctor who will take responsibility for onward care needs should this occur.

It is generally accepted as best medical practice that a patient undergoing any kind of diagnostic imaging investigation has a referral from an appropriately trained healthcare professional (including, without limitation, GPs, physiotherapists and osteopaths).  medneo is wholly committed to delivering best-in-class services and a reliable and safe care pathway for its patients.

How does it work?

All you need to do is contact us by phone or using the contact form on this web page (do let us know when will be convenient to call you!).  We will then discuss your needs with you and, should you agree, hold an MRI scan appointment for you while we connect you with one of our clinician partners to provide a very quick telephone or video consultation to discuss the reason for seeking an MRI scan and, provided there are no medical contraindications, provide you with a formal medical referral.  As soon as this is done, we will confirm your scan appointment on a date and at a time that suits you.

What does it cost?

Our fees for a scan are the same as they are for any patient who contacts us with a medical referral and start at £330 for a single part MRI scan.  We work with clinician partners who are committed, as we are, to providing high quality services that represent excellent value for money.  Those partners (usually General Practitioners, but can be experienced physiotherapists) have agreed to charge consultation fees at no more than £49 per consultation.

Contact our team for more information on 0300 3030 906.

medneo UK location map

The medneo London Centre is located at 155-157 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 6QP and is served by excellent transport links.


The medneo London Centre is located at 155-157 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 6QP and is served by excellent transport links.


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Underground Stations

Great Portland Street (0.2m)
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Great Portland Street (Stops, E, F, G and H) Euston Road (Stop D)